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My early childhood

My early childhood full of giggles and pigtails painfully vanished when my vision of a pure world crumbled beneath me. Days filled with laughter typically summarize a regular childhood, but instead, my childhood days filled themselves with agonizing fright. The daily schedule of my seven-year-old self consisted of neither playing with my Barbie dolls nor riding my scooter down the block. Rather, I dealt with hyperventilating while being strangled or feeling a shivering metal knife held against my neck. Within a household of two full time working parents, I did not see their faces much until the sun came down practically every day. In result, my older sister, Maddie, babysat my older brother, Ian, and I. Maddie’s violence levels rose increasingly as she aged by virtue of her vast mental illnesses. As for my brother and I, we endured the consequences resulting from this rising aggression on a daily basis. The fights we underwent surpassed any ordinary sibling battle. Maddie held a dictatorship over us little ones, and we stood no chance to revolt. Every day we lived through oppression, beatings, and threats. Countless times I listened to the whimpers of my big brother in the room over and prayed to my seven-year-old self that Maddie’s abusive temper would spare me for the day. My parents utterly lost control of her actions when they left for work each day and the stigma held against mental illnesses stopped them from getting her the necessary help until years later. While she has now received the proper help, and her violence levels have reduced, I still wear those dark years deep within my scars and carry a harsh remembrance in my head at all times. Consequently, resulting from the years of abuse, I have become empowered to influence the lives of today’s kids. The character I gained from these adversities resulted from my fear of another child pleading and praying for another day of survival within their own household. These unpleasant memories, though painful, assisted me into unraveling my love for working alongside children. Correspondingly, not only do I have the ability to ensure children live within a safe household, but I can also affect how they grow up and who they become. For example, if the older generations expect kids to grow up and change the world, we cannot suppose they can accomplish such a broad task without some help. I tutor young kids, through Science National Honors Society, to share my knowledge of various sciences because the vital aspect of learning is to spread it among the world. I stand behind the perception that we need to build up future generations to impact the world in a positive manner. Furthermore, to ensure the safety and security of children, I currently work in the childcare services at Burn Boot Camp. This job allows me to shine in my element as I have the chance to create close relationships with the children that attended everyday. As I strive to make a lasting impact on the future lives of kids in multiple generations, I plan to pursue a career within the pediatric medical field. Today, I stand proudly with my scars and, I cannot say I would take back those trembling moments in my life. Else, who knows how I would have discovered my purest quality of loving of children.